The Effect of Natural Fluorosis on The Fluoride Levels of Farm Animal Bones in the Model of Fluorotoxic Spring Waters of Tendürek Extinct Volcano

Evren Koç, Başaran Karademir


It is known that the level of Fluoride in the spring waters from some volcanic lands is high and these waters cause Fluoride toxicity. Scientific studies have shown that in Doğubayazıt there is high amount of fluoride in some spring waters originating from the foothills of Tendürek volcano and normal level in Iğdır and Cappadocia volcanic lands. In this study, it was revealed comparatively how the spring waters in these regions affect the bone Fluoride levels of farm animals that are given as drinking water. Fluoride analyses in bone, water and urine samples were performed by means of an ion meter equipped with an iron selective electrode (ISE). The urine and bone fluoride levels of farm animals followed a similar course to water samples. Fluoride levels in bone and urine samples of Doğubayazıt were detected to be significantly higher in compared to Igdır and Cappadocia regions. Bone Fluoride analysis results were also supported by external bone and dental examination findings. The presence of a strong relationship between the analysed water, urine and bone Fluoride levels was determined in this study. It was found that drinking water has a very strong effect on urine and bone in terms of fluoride level. Consequently, Fluorine levels in the bones of farm animals drinking water with high Fluorine levels originating from Tendürek Mountain in Doğubayazıt were found to be higher than normal. Fluoride levels in the bones of farm animals that drank high-fluoride waters originating from Tendurek mountain in Doğubayazıt were found to be higher than normal. This situation can be evaluated as evidence that natural Fluoride toxicity formed by drinking water causes Fluoride accumulation on bones.


Fluoride; Farm; Animal Toxication; Bone; Drinking Water

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