Evaluation of The Organic Sheep Breeding Potential of Central Anatolia Region

Hacer Tüfekci, Mehmet Akif Boz


Organic production is mostly appeared in the field of plant production and it has become increasingly widespread. But, organic livestock production process has begun depending on trends of want to consumption of high safe animal products of consumers as like in plant products in developed countries, increasing of environmental consciousness and sensitivity to animal rights. Central Anatolia Region is an important region for the organic livestock production, in terms of being one of the most polluted regions due to intensive agriculture and industry, having number of animals and grasslands. The aim of this study is determining the potential of organic sheep breeding and presenting a general view with investigating the general situation and changing by year plant and livestock production of Central Anatolia Region.


Organic farming; Organic livestock; Central Anatolia region; Organic sheep; Plant production

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